eRecycle300bElectronic Recycling Solutions (ERS) is an e-waste recycling company based in Tooele, Utah. ERS is located a short distance from Salt Lake City allowing effective service to individuals and businesses in and around the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. ERS is concerned with the manner in which e-waste is being disposed of in our landfills and is committed to bringing affordable recycling solutions to businesses and the general public who want to make a difference by recycling e-waste responsibly.ERS recycles electronics and provides asset management services for small and large companies and non-profit entities. We solve environmental and information liability problems when you need to dispose of your electronic waste and assets.  Computer hardware contains hazardous material such as lead in CRT monitors and various heavy metals in computers. Hard drives store personal, confidential and proprietary information. We tailor solutions to these problems based on the needs of our clients. When a client utilizes the full extent of our services, liabilities turn into assets.

ERS is proud to offer electronic recycling at a low cost while maintaining environmentally safe standards. Some items can even be recycled for free. CRTs (cathode ray tube), LCD (liquid crystal display), plasma monitors, televisions, and other electronic items containing mercury vapor tubes may require a small fee to process. Since CRT’s, LCD’s, and plasma monitors/televisions have components that contain lead and mercury, special processing is required to properly dispose of these items.

ERS is proud to offer recycling and asset management services that can be tailored to suit individual companies.  Every company has different needs when dealing with used electronics.  Why settle for a company that is not capable of handling all of your specific needs? The services offered by ERS can be customized to maximize your company’s return on used/damaged electronics.

  • ERS assures that your company will be doing the right thing to help make the environment a greener place by practicing environmentally safe disposal standards.
  • ERS can keep your proprietary information safe by providing DOD certified data erasing of your hard drives.
  • Let an industry expert handle all your electronic disposal needs.

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