About Us

P1010301Originally built as a depot for the Army, the Utah Industrial Depot has since been used for commercial endeavors. For over 20 years the Utah Industrial Depot has been the go to depot option for Tooele and Salt Lake City. In 2014 Peterson Holdings bought the depot and renamed it Peterson Industrial Depot (PID) with the intent to renew and build up the depot.

After buying the depot, PID immediately began expanding and realizing the depot’s potential. We recently started remodeling and renovating many of the buildings within the depot to give a more modern option to customers. Along with the renovations, we are installing fiber for more networking options and much faster internet for our tenants. These improvements are just the beginning of our efforts to recognize our vision to make the depot an attractive hub for all of Utah’s businesses.

With over 40 buildings including over 2 million square feet of industrial/warehouse space, PID prides itself on having the facilities businesses need for the best prices. Our buildings are flexible and can be built out to fit specific requirements. Each of our staff is dedicated to helping your find what you need. Whether it is a small space for a new business or a much larger building for your already established business, we offer a variety of options.